Fun Dwarf Yew

I would like to introduce you a favorite new plant, the Dwarf Japanese Yew (the little short green guy upfront with fun foliage) Isn’t he great?!! He stays short (approx 15-18″ ht) and full (24″ width), and has little starburst foliage popping out all over. He’s evergreen and such little care, likes it hot and dry (definitely not wet soils, he get fussy with browning and rusty color foliage, which makes him a great compatible border plant with the above Knockout Rose. Can you see him in the distance under the Red Oak? Like other yews, he can tolerate some amount of shade, but most glorious in full sun. And, in a mass planting, well…that’s just a bigger mass!!!

Here’s a closeup (well, the Knockout Rose is kind of dominating this photo, and she’s another huge favorite, but she deserves her own blog, so we’ll save her for later…but isn’t her color so very happy!) Back to the handsome Dwf Yew, if he get a little out of control (a wild shoot here and there, or he wants to stretch himself), trim/prune him back to size but keep his fun free-form character. Just nip his end, and he’ll respond with more new buds making himself more full and healthy. And do keep him short and under control, we don’t want him to get to leggy and spindly. We like him short, fat and happy! Use him in a single little line under a low window for a breath of new texture instead of same old, same old (same old-same old round shrub, that is. Sometimes we just want a little different, right?) Isn’t he wonderful!